8 Reasons Why You Need To Pack Your Bag and Travel This Monsoon!

Don’t let the rain stop you from travelling. Visit these monsoon destinations and enjoy the season!

Reason 1 – Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling , West Bengal

Darjeeling is a town at the foothills of Himalaya with Mount Kanchenjunga in the breathtaking backdrop. The grass is definitely greener on this side of the city during monsoon due to their famous tea plantations and luscious hills. The monsoon here begins in June and lasts till September. One can sit in a wooden lodge on the hill between the mist, fog and the rolling clouds watching the raindrops roll down their window with a cup of steaming chai making it the most tranquil and picturesque location. If you love greenery and nature and want to spend time in solitude, this place is for you.

Reason 2 – Kerala


Kerala, God’s own country, flourishes in the rain. It is a sight to withhold. The green tea plantations in Munnar and Periyar forests of Thekkady, backwaters of Alappuzha and Kumarakom, overflowing waterfalls of Kozhikode, Kollam and Wayanad come alive. Kerala’s monsoon season begins in the month of June and stretches to September. Monsoon also brings the traditional festival of Onam with colorful dances, boat races, music and other festivities. Kerala has a lot to offer during monsoon and a extraordinary place to wander off to.

Reason 3 – Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

This vast land in Uttarakhand blooms during the monsoon season. The florets paint the land with pink, purple, red and yellow flowers. Flowers with the verdant hills in the background make it a perfect location for a Bollywood scene. The buds blossom into flowers between mid- July to mid- August. The place definitely has a charm of its own.

Reason 4 – Chikhmaglur, Karnataka

Chikhmaglur , Karnataka

This hill station in the Western Ghats of Karnataka provides a scenic route for one to drive through. The drive involves passing by exquisite waterfalls and lush mounts. The hills of Chikhmaglur are immersed in mist, the hidden valleys turn green, the flowing streams making it serene and peaceful. If you love taking long panoramic drives, head to Chikhmaglur.

Reason 5 – Goa

Visit the place during the monsoon which is a off-season for the state tourism. The rivers of Goa i.e. Chapora, Zuari, and Sal are gushing and the land is greener than ever. The state turns magical during this season. One can go trekking at the Dudhsagar water falls, visit the beautiful Aguada and Chapora fort , explore the pristine wildlife sanctuaries like Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and savour the spicy prawn curry. The best part about visiting Goa in the monsoon? Less crowd.

Reason 6 – Meghalaya


Meghalaya stays true to its name, ‘The Abode of Clouds’ and the monsoon adds up to its allurement. Meghalaya is home to two of the most wettest place, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji. In addition to that the state’s capital Shillong is also serene and magical. The state offers breath-taking views like the Laitlum Canyons, Khasi hills, lush trekking trails and valleys. Its surely heaven on earth during monsoon.

Reason 7 – Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal , Tamil Nadu

The ‘Princess of Hillstations’ is the most iconic monsoon destination. The hill station has forested valleys, green hilltops and cliff, lakes and is surrounded by evergreen forests. During the rains, the place turns majestic and is a must to visit.

Reason 8 – Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The green land of Ooty is at its peak during the monsoon season. The hill station nestled in the Nilgiris turns majestic and heavenly. The green tea and coffee plantations and hills are immersed in luminous clouds making it almost blue.