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The word Pani Puri itself has ability to awaken the excitement not only to the chat lovers but among every human being. While having Pani Puri some of us commemorate the moments which was spent countless times at the chaat place with your dear ones earlier at your childhood or ongoing age. Pani Puri also known as Gol Gappa, Phulki, Phuchka, Gup Chup, Gol Pani ke Battashe , name anything but the taste buds will be the same. Pani Puri have a spicy, sweet and medium categories of taste just depends on the present mood. We saw the Vendor punch a tiny hole in each pani puri thereafter fill the hole with Radga,Aalu,channa or somewhere with Mungh daal adding meethi chutney and tikha pani. But now will take you to the Restaurant named “Off the Grid” situated at Andheri West, the food place which will take food lovers to the world of “Unique Food’ also for people who fond of uniqueness.



This amazing Restaurant “Off the Grid” came up with the unique concept in “chat bazaar” it serves  a very mesmerizing dish  known as ” CHOCOLATE PANI PURI”  a dream for Pani Puri Lovers specially Girls.




The Chocolate Pani Puri served by “Off the Grid” restaurant unique and marvelous. Here the internal masala process is different,they use tutti fruity, blue berries, melted white and dark chocolates. They use vanilla and chocolate fillings in place of Imli water, the chef use Vanilla for light flavor of sweet and Chocolate for heavier taste and also adds powder made from Cherries and Coconut for garnishing.




The various types of pani puri we tasted are -one with tutti-fruity and melted chocolate, one with blueberries honey syrup with choco filling,one with choco chips and one with innovative spider design which sparks beautiful and appealing look.




Once we were done how can we forget to have a free sip of pani puri but the best part was Sukhi Puri which attracted me most was served by them with a puri having melted chocolate to bring the delightful experience to a end.But i loved the blueberry one.


chocolate pani puri      


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Ratings – 

5/5 – Taste

5/5 – Concept

4/5 – Location (it’s little inside from the Main Link Road)




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