Deewano Ki Dilli

इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के  लिए यहाँ – क्लिक करें


If you are visiting Delhi, you must see this one!

Today TraveLegend will take you to a tour of Delhi, at the least of expenditure.

Dilli has always been the belly of the ball. In the ancient era, whether it was the Mughals or the Marathas, everyone wanted authority over Dilli. It is said, Dilli has a magnanimous heart which makes the land accommodate everyone and believe it or not, Dilli is so beautiful that you would like to give something to the beauty of it.

The famous Sufi poet “Amir Khusro” once said:

दिल्ली शहर सोहावनो, जहाँ बसें दिलदार…
खुसरो वाहू देस पे तन मन दिजे वार…

(Dilli – the land of lovely weather and open generosity, the land that motivated Khusro to give up his life for the country)

Taking you to the tour of Dilli, we have divided Dilli into 3 parts and we made a 3-day plan to cover the whole city. But this plan entirely depends on the number of days you decide to stay, so you can change your schedule accordingly.
The best option to travel in Dilli is “Metro”. If you have planned for 3 or 4 days, then first get a smart card of the Metro and recharge it for ₹150 – ₹250 (one person can travel on one card). This will help you beat the queue and will be substantially time saving too. The average distance that you will cover by road in 2 hours, via metro the same distance can be covered in 45 minutes. Make sure that you avoid peak hours as the metro is crowded. (Roughly, the peak time is between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.).



Day 1

(Qutub Minar, Chandni Chowk, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Saheb, Lal Qilla, Parga Masjid, Parath Gali, India Gate, Ministry, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Agarseen Baadi, Jantar Mantar, Connaught Place, Palika Bazar, Janpath Market)

Start the day with Qutub Minar. Here you will see the Minar, besides that you would see some historical monuments. (Entry Ticket – ₹ 10). After taking the time at your comfort, click photographs, relive the history, make a move to Chandni Chowk. You’ll easily get an auto, if you don’t have your vehicle, for metro station from outside Qutub Minar (sharing Auto ₹ 10 / person). Access the metro station and reach Chandni Chowk. (Metro fare ₹ 19, time – 45 minutes, yellow line Metro, platform – 2).


Once you are done with Chandni Chowk, you can either take an e-rickshaw or a rickshaw or you can walk across the streets of Dilli because everything is close by. If you choose to walk, then you should first go to the “Parathe wali Galli” because sightseeing of Dilli is incomplete without the famous Dilli food. At the “Parathe wali Galli”, you will get different varieties of parathas, think of an ingredient and the paratha will be ready, like bitter gourd, dry fruits, rabri, bhindi, papad, chilli, and the list goes on and on…
Pt Kanhaiyalal & Durga Prasad Dixit (1875) shop is the oldest among all.
After eating parathas, now go ahead and walk further, you’ll get to see Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib. Once you are done with the darshan, walk ahead and you’ll see a wall, which is the wall of “Lal Quila”. Entry fees is ₹10 but take a ₹25 ticket if you want to shoot a video there, you can take the footage of the fort without any interference. However, the Lal Quila is closed on Mondays. After seeing the Red Fort, you can visit Jama Masjid by either taking a rickshaw or, yet again, you can walk. Jama Masjid is the same place which you must have seen in tons of films, the archetypal footage of the crowded street. In fact, the scene might look like a deja vu, thanks to the repeated usage of the same footage over the years on the television.

Post Jama Masjid, you can head to the India Gate, either by Metro or by catching a bus. It is near the Connaught Place pass, which is quite desirable in the evening. Hence, it is better if you go to the India Gate first and then visit Connaught Place in the evening. Around India Gate, you’ll find many places to visit like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Ministry, Parliament House and Rail Bhawan.
Now, let’s move towards “Agrasen Ki Baawadi”. This too is a historical place where you can spend quite some time. Moving forward, you should go to Jantar Mantar. People ain’t really aware about the importance of this place. It tells you about the ancient Astro Knowledge of India, which was built by Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II (Shasak of Jaipur) in the 17th century. You will not find any guide here, but if you want to find out more, you can go to the office and ask the supervisors to guide you. They’ll give you a worker at a reasonable cost, who will narrate the details about the monument. Believe us, once you get to know the details of this place, the walk across this monument will be far more pleasurable.

Now, the last leg of the day, Connaught Place. If you want to do road-side shopping, then you are just at the right place; do not forget to bargain here! You can also go to Pallika Bazar which is a huge market constructed in the basement. If someone tells you that the market is on the road, don’t believe them. There are more options to shop for women in Pallika Bazar. If you want further options, you can do road-side shopping at Janapath Market which is near Palika Bazar too.
The Day 1 trip is over. Now is the time to listen to your stomach and have a good, sumptuous dinner. If you want to try a typical Muslim style meal, you can go to Chandni Chowk. If not, stay at Connaught Place where you’ll get good food at Kanke Da Dhaba. Apart from this, there are lots of options to eat nearby.




Day – 2

(Humayun’s Tomb, Zoo, Lodhi Garden, Safdarjung Tomb, Nijmuddin Dargah, Mirza Ghalib Grave)

Start your Day 2 from Humayun’s Tomb. Humayun’s Tomb will pass from the “Jor Bagh” Station if you are on the Yellow Line Metro and if you are coming from the Violet line, then you have to get down at the “JLN Stadium” station. Before Humayun’s Tomb, you will find the tomb of Isha Khan. “Humayun’s Tomb” can also be called a miniature version of Taj Mahal. It is often said that this said monument inspired Shah Jahan to build the Taj Mahal.


You can also visit the zoo from here which is very close to the tomb. Also, there is an old fort close by but we would suggest you to ignore it if you are with your family.
After visiting the tomb, you can move towards Lodhi Garden. Feeling hungry, you can always try the tasty Chinese dishes in the small stalls before the Lodhi Garden. After all, Dilli is all about food! Lodhi Garden is vast and beautiful, also holds the grave of the Lodhi family (Ibrahim Lodhi). Post the Lodhi Garden, you can visit the Safdarjung Tomb which is pretty close to the garden. However, after visiting the Humayun’s Tomb and Lodhi Garden you might not find anything fascinating here. So, skip it if you want to.

Next, you can head to Nizamuddin Dargah. Near Nizamuddin Dargah, you will find Amir Khusro’s grave and only at a short distance from there, you’ll also see Mirza Ghalib’s grave. All these places are nearby. So it is better if you take a rickshaw / e-rickshaw / auto for commute.
Today’s trip is ended here. But if you still have the juices left, try the India Gate or the Red Fort because the night lighting is exemplary at the India Gate and Red Fort is famous for its Light & Sound show. Light and Sound shows are at different times in different seasons.



Day – 3

(Kalka Devi Temple, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple)

Now, it might hit you that the itinerary for Day 3 looks miniscule compared to the previous days. The main reason being Akshardham is a little away. Also, these places would be quite time consuming. However, Kalka Devi Temple and Lotus Temple are pretty close by.
Kalka Devi is the name of the metro station to go to the “Kalka Ji Temple” which is on the Violet Line Metro. So if you are on the Yellow Route, then you will have to change the metro. After visiting Kalka Ji, you can walk to the Lotus Temple or take an auto / rickshaw. There is no entry ticket at the Lotus Temple and you can sit there for as long as you want. The temple is a no noise zone, so if you have children with you, you may have to take special care of them. You have to take off your shoes / slippers which you can keep with yourself for which you’ll be given a bag.

Your next destination is “Akshardham” metro station. From here to Akshardham, you have to change the metro. Your metro line will change from “Mandi House”. Akshardham Temple is very close to the station, so you can either walk or take a rickshaw.
Now, you will be witnessing a magnificent and huge temple. In fact, frankly speaking, you will be dazzled by the sheer beauty of this temple. At the entrance, all your belongings will be deposited at the counter, you can only keep your money and handkerchief with you. If you need to talk to someone, talk to them first as you’ll have to deposit all your belongings and take the token.
The campus is extremely luxurious and elegant. There are 2-3 canteens inside wherein you will find different varieties of clean and pure vegetarian food. Apart from the temple, make sure to book the tickets for the Light & Sound show here. Not just that, they show films at their theatre. Do remember to book a ticket for that too because this will be a very different experience. Laser Light Show is the most attractive add-on to the temple, do not miss it in any case.
With this, your 3-day Dilli trip is over with loads of unique experiences which you can carry back home in the form of memories and definitely a few selfies!!!
(There are lots of other places where you can visit in Delhi. However, these are the most important ones and thus we included them in our 3-day plan).

Apart from this, if you want any information or want us to plan your trip, please contact us.

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