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Today in TraveLegend we will take you to Aamby Valley City, which is also known as “City of Dreams”. The valley is the township which was planned and developed by Sahara India Pariwar located at the outskirts of Mumbai. The distance is about 23 km (14mi) from Lonavala, 87 km (54 miles) from Pune city and 120 km from Mumbai city, the first kind of metropolis is spread over 10,600 acres surrounding racy environs of the great Sahayadri mountain range.

Aamby Valley City in its own a trendsetter for urban development and created a history, the said township is connected by roads and also by airways from Mumbai.


The city combines antiquated nature, beauty under one roof for luxurious living etc. The climate, hilly terrain is a remarkable scene add mystique to Aamby Valley City. The Sahayadri Peaks and the historic fort provides a majestic shade to Aamby Valley.

The city offers lavish residential Timber Chalets which is modern and customized Villas with unique architecture design. Each and every single Villas in the city are having all the accessories required in a day-to-day life. The surrounding of mountains spark breeze which calm human stress and gives peace ambiance.


We the team TraveLegend along with Actor Rohan Mehra stayed in Aamby Valley to find out the hospitality and hers’s the experience of Rohan Mehra.


Rohan Mehra’s Experience – 

According to me the one who likes to accept challenge’s and need to observe sporting skills in themselves need to visit 19 degree north of Aamby Valley for Adventure sports and for bird eye enjoyment could not ignore a new service stared at Aamby Valley which is “Power Glider”

Recently,the Aamby Valley introduce “Power Glider” service. This added a new adventure in the list were a visitor can enjoy their ride with experienced pilot. The 2-seated power glider take you 5000 to 8000 feet from Aamby Valley. The duration of the glider is 15 minutes but in that the heaven can be captured in your eyes. For this German made power glider unforgettable experience one has to pay 5000 to 7000.

Rohan Mehra –  First time in India “Power Glider” service started which touch my heart because I really enjoyed. It was extremely great experience ever.

Rohan Mehra– It was my first experience in Zorbing. When I came back from the ride, I thought my neck gone than I thank god for giving me strength. It was incredible. In few seconds I was ready for another adventure.

Rohan Mehra – it was amazing. There are vast difference between Dubai ATV and Aamby Valley. In Dubai only sand were people use to drive but here It’s a hard soil with stone, actually It’s a real ATV sports.


Rohan Mehra – as I mentioned before the Hospitality of Aamby Valley is tremendous because here every single human is the responsibility of them a example to it in foreign a sport person or else are allowed to drive Jet ski in water but in Aamby Valley the experts are behind to take care.

Marvel of British Golf Architecture spread in 256 acres. Also championship golf course held in Aamby Valley.

Rohan Mehra – Today in Aamby Valley I played Golf for the first time and I came know a new skill in me.

Aamby Valley has fabulous restaurants where world dishes are served but as an Indian we always prefer Indian foods and were Indian food’s without salt is tasteless. So Aamby Valley has a restaurant named “Namak” were not only Indian dish but we can observe our culture, as the moment you seated you will get a welcome drink. After you placed order the waiter will come to you and request you if can had food without spoons.

Lagoon is an artificial beech to make realize a swimmer the wave of beach. They create wave by pressure from machine. so if you are missing beach than lagoon is suitable.


The Benaras Ghat is very well known for wedlock. Wedding rituals take’s place on special platform surrounds from water.


Last but not the least, there is a musical fountain show everyday, The fountain flow on music. For this half-an-hour show crow gathered an hour before as no one wanted to miss the classical and Bollywood Tunes. The colours and theme is awesome.

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