Hey guys! It’s Hiya again and I’m back with another review, and this time is a food review. My love for food has always pushed me forward to try different foods and this time I was with TraveLegend . And guess where were we, we were at The Peninsula Grand Hotel and it’s as grand as its name suggests.




As soon as we entered we saw the luxuriously comfortable and the fine dining interior at its best it also had very beautiful chandelier hanging, they also had very beautiful white colored leather upholstery and soft onion pink colored table covers. The most attractive things were the abstract paintings on the walls they had brilliantly lit ceilings and amazing lightning. I also loved the fact that a corner at the entry which was dedicated to live Indian musical singing .The ambiance there was great I was totally mesmerized & in love with the place.




Since we were very hungry we decided to order some delicious food.  First up came the starters we had a lot of them since  I am vegetarian so I had the veg ones started with Tandoori Potatoes and Baby Corn, I must say I loved the way they presented it. The corns were perfectly cooked and me being as potato lover found the Tandoori Potato spiced beautifully.



(Peninsula Tikki , Mozzarella Cheese Fingers, Brochette and Tanduri Patato with Mashroom and Baby Corn)



Then after a while came the Peninsula Tikki and we loved it, it tasted too good, so delicious and as of me I will never forget the taste. It was perfectly cooked, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. We also had Mozzarella Cheese Fingers and Brochette, the cheese fingers were very cheesy and I loved it how the cheese melted in my mouth, this too like the Tikki, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside it had potato fillings with loads of cheese, the Brochette was very soft and I loved the sauce used, for people who don’t like spinach this is the perfect dish for you, it comes with a lot of spinach on the top and does not at all taste like it. It was the best spinach dish I have ever had.


(The non vegetarian dishes were tasted by Sunil Kanojia from TraveLegend team since Hiya is vegetarian)


(Chicken in Yellow Bean Sause, Murg Hazari Kabab, Saucy Prawns)


For the starters came the Saucy Prawns in broccoli which were awesome, the sauce had a perfect taste and the broccoli have the prawns a perfect twist. Then in tandoori was the Murg Hazari Kebabs they tasted very nice but not like the traditional kebabs also we had the Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce which were a bit too saucy but tasted good as well.





Then came the drinks, who don’t like to have a drink while having good food, So we were first served the Orange Blossom and Cranberry Delight which as we can get to know by their names were made with orange juices and cranberry juices respectively. Their presentation was not bad but also not so good but they tasted really nice. I personally liked the orange blossom.




And that’s not it, we had more drinks namely Virgin Mojito which had mint leaves, lime wedges, mint syrup, sugar syrup, half soda and half sprite it was very satisfying to see the mint leaves and the orange wedges float in the liquid, another drink is  Virgin Pinacola which had vanilla ice cream, pineapple juice, coconut powder, coconut cream and let me tell you this was complete heaven beautifully presented loved the flavor of pineapple juice and coconut cream together if you ever visit Peninsula Grand do make sure you try this, and  then came the Chocolate Twist which was equally as tasty and as beautiful . Also for those who want some alcohol they also had OPPA Special which was a beer based drink and Red Blood which was a Red Wine based drink. I don’t know the taste since I am underage for drinking.



(OPPA Special Beer and Red Blood)


The service was as good as the food, the staff was very polite and humble, though the service was a little slow but it was worth the wait. Overall we loved the food and would definitely visit again. Overall i’ll give them 4/5. 



Ratings – 

4/5 – Taste

4/5 – Service

5/5 – Location 


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