Indians! Go to Indigo Delicatessen


Team TraveLegend were in the mood for some delicious Western food so we visited the Indigo Delicatessen (Shashtri Nagar, Andheri West). Which is an all day Cafe’ that offers a large variety of Western food on their menu and a comforting ambience to its guests. They have friendly and attentive staff who are always aiming to provide the best dining experience for the customers. They also happen to have a live bakery where the guests get an opportunity to watch a chef make bread. The warm fragrance of freshly baked bread adds to the comforting ambience of the Deli.
After hunting through their menu, we ended up ordering Tomatto Soup with Basil to start off our meal. The soup was well prepared and healthy. It was a little more creamier than the regular soup and didn’t taste as sour either. 
Once we finished off the soup we ordered Hummus with Pita Bread and Red Sula Wine(Satori Merlot). The Hummus and Pita Bread was a dish we don’t usually go for but the aroma of freshly baked bread made us crave for exactly that. The hummus and bread combination was very delicious and well prepared. The Red Sula Wine managed to quench our thirst which the hummus and pita bread had built up.
To finish off our meal, we took a look at the Deli’s Dessert Section which holds a rich variety of tasty and delicious desserts. Out of the many things in their menu, their Chocolate  Hazelnut Torte impressed us the most and we decided to settle on it. We cannot say enough good things about this, it was absolutely the best thing we ate at the Deli and we highly recommend anybody visiting Indigo Delicatessen to try it. You won’t be disappointed.
Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Indigo Delicatessen and would recommend people to visit it any time of the day whether it be lunch or dinner or breakfast.