Team TraveLegend recently visited Kube Lounge which is located in Andheri West for Food ReviewAfter reaching, we asked them to serve their special starters since we had heard great things about it. The staff complied by presenting two of their favorites off of the starter menu, Tanduri Murg Kabab was the first dish we had. The dish had a barbeque fragnance which made our hunger grow, it looked similar to Chicken Tikka however the taste differed quite a lot, the dish was marinated with mustard sauce and was juicy inside. Needless to say, this dish is recommended for Chicken Lovers.


The next dish presented to us was Ginger Fish and judging by the way it looked and how well Tanduri Murg Kabab turned out, we were expecting this dish to be more delicious than the last. However we were met with a bit of disappointment as the starter didn’t taste nearly as good as expected. Instead of making it crispy, the fish was prepared juicy. The dish, although good, is not recommended.


For the main course we turned to the Chef’s recommendation as we hoped we could get something great to eat after a disappointing Ginger Fish. The Chef prepared Chicken Handi with Butter Naan for us. A very ordinary dish which can be prepared at home, even that was messed up by the Chef. The Chicken Handi lacked in quantity of Chicken and was mostly covered with masala gravy which did not taste good. It goes without saying that Chicken Handi is not a recommended dish.


Before departing, we tried the exotic Mocktails that they had. Their menu only had Milk Based and Lemon Based Mocktails. We struggled to find something we liked so again turned for a recommendation. The bartender served us Goa Marry and Black Current Margherita, both of which tasted great.


The Goa Marry is a mocktail that contains a combination of guava juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, tobasco sauce and oyster sauce. It comes decorated with salted rim and tastes delicious.

The Black Current Margherita was highly recommended by the Bartender and for good reason. It is a blend of Black Current syrup, Lime Juice, Sugar syrup and Soda. Similar to the Goa Marry, Black Current Margherita is served with a salt rim.


What we realized is that people don’t come for food, may be they are enjoying Sheesha or drinks or some other dishes like starters only that’s why they don’t have much more option in Rice also, they have only Fried Rice with Manchurian.


In conclusion, we had a good time here. Even though the taste didn’t amaze us there were some things we liked a lot such as the service offered by Prashant and Shailesh who were the ones who served us, we are very thankful for their hospitality. We also liked the presentation the restaurant had.

Overall we give 3 Star for this visit.


Ambiance – 3 (Open Rooftop and Nice Crowd)

Food – 3 (Main Course is Below Average).

Service – 4 (waiters/attendents are prompt and active)

Location – 4 – Its in heart of Andheri so definitely they will get the benefits of a prime location.



For Full Location Review of KUBE watch this video –