The Team TraveLegend went to Tipsy Gypsy the restropub today and were greeted by the friendly staff and were entertained with the fine cuisine offered by them. Tipsy Gypsy turns out to be a place well suited for hangouts and casual meetings as we found the ambiance to be very pleasing. They also organize live music for their customers every Thursday Night. Tipsy Gypsy does not permit admissions for minors as they also serve alcoholic beverages.




Their menu offers a variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese to Italian with an Indian twist.

We ordered their kebabistan (Chicken marinated with yogurt & yellow chilli), Quick Gun Murgh-An (Charcoal grilled chicken tikka with chutney), Charcoal Chicken Flatbread, Bombay Xpress Tawa Chicken Pulao and Manchurian Chow Down





The TipsyGypsy staff didn’t take much time in preparing our order, as we were served fairly quickly.

We began with the starters, that is, Kebabistan and Quick Gun Murgh-An. Both these dishes were well cooked and were a joy to eat as was the Charcoal Chicken Flatbread and the Manchurian Chow Down which left us wanting more of what they had to offer. Although everything we ordered was well prepared and delicious, it was the Bombay express Tawa Chicken Pulao that stole the spotlight from every thing on the table. It is a dish highly recommended by us for people going to Tipsy Gypsy for a meal.




To finish our meal off, we ordered Apple Masala Ice Tea and Watermelon Ice Tea which left our taste buds in awe. Needless to say we loved their hospitality and the food prepared by the lovely staff working at Tipsy Gypsy.