By – Sapna Shahri.


Summer is here and the topic on everyone’s mind is how to beat the heat, where to plan a vacation or how to take some time off the hectic schedules of daily life.

Here at TraveLegend we are sharing some insights by the Tarot Cards  that might guide you as to how to spend the upcoming month. (APRIL 2018).



Aries: The ideal holiday would be to go with a group of close friends to a place that is serene and calm. It could be a place with a rich cultural background that would not only rejuvenate the body but also heal the spirit. Taking a tour of the spiritual places also would be a good idea.



Taurus: It might be difficult making a decision since the consensus is not being arrived at. Different people are coming up with different ideas. The best way out would be to consider a place that would meet the requirements of the majority and bending a bit is required on the part of everyone. Beaches and Nature trails are the best options this year.



Gemini: If you are at the point where you are thinking of switching careers or taking up some new opportunity in life, it is advices that you take a break to refresh your mind body and soul before you restart your life. It is also a good time to go away to rebuild your relationship with a close one. Appropriately a trip to the mountains where there is very less connect to the digital worlds would be a good idea for a break for you.



Cancer: You have gone through a major upheaval and might not be open to an idea of a vacation. But in keeping with the volatile scenario and the extreme stress you are going through, it is advised that you do take off to a local getaway, even if for a few days with close family.



Leo: If you have given up going for holidays, this is a time to restart the practice. An International beach destination with a loved one would be the ideal romantic getaway that is indicated by the cards. If going out with family, the lead would be taken by the children in deciding the destination.



Virgo: The cards clearly indicate that you need to go for a holiday with your girl gang or boy buddies this time round. The destination undoubtedly is a place that is lush and abundant with greenery and surrounded by nature. Nature trails, hill stations, camping in the mountains, trekking would be good options for you.



Libra: Time for a family vacation or to go visit family, something that you haven’t done in a long time. Explore something new with your family and do something spontaneous by going to unexplored and virgin destinations.



Scorpio: There has been some discontent and ego clashes recently and tempers are really frayed. It’s a good idea to take off to a destination that has all the makings of a good holiday, with good locale and a good hotel and great sightseeing. And international location could be ideal.



Sagittarius: The best holiday option for you is adventure sports. Consider options like water sports, Para gliding, snorkeling, scuba diving etc to get the most of the trip for you and your family. You could team it up with an amusement park for added thrills.



Capricorn: You have work on your mind a lot. Choose a destination that will allow you to work and play together. You could combine your business tours with your vacation or alternatively you could travel to places where there is scope for your work/business to grow or expand.



 Aquarius: there seem to be no plans happening at the family level. So it’s time to take off on your own this time. Consider a solo trip in an unknown unexplored destination most probably in the mountains. It will be rejuvenating and an invigorating experience.



 Pisces: an international destination surrounded by hills and snow seem to be a very inviting prospect for a holiday. You can go with your partner for a romantic getaway. Alternatively a trip with colleagues would be a good idea too.



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