Uttarakhand Travel Guide – How To Spend Less and Travel More in Uttarakhand

इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ – क्लिक करें


Travelogue – Uttarakhand

If you are planning a trip to Uttarakhand, this itinerary is for you.

Being based out of Mumbai, we are considering our starting point as Mumbai.


Our Trip Map


Mumbai – Delhi – Dehradun – Rishikesh – Haridwar – Mussorie – Dehradun – Delhi –



The ideal time to travel is from the end of November to February, December being the best time.

December is considered an off-season for this region. So you get everything cheap and there is a

room for bargain as well.




Mumbai to Delhi

(you can either choose a fast train or a flight)


The fare for trains like Rajdhani and August Kranti or morning flights are almost the same, approx.

₹2500 – ₹3000.


Delhi to Dehradun/Rishikesh


By train: ₹200 – ₹800 (according to class and services)

By flight: ₹1200 – ₹1500 (Jolly Grant airport is too far from Dehradun and taxi charges are also

high, approx. ₹800-₹1500, bus stand is 3kms away from Jolly Grant and there is no availability of

cab services like Ola/Uber. So, better if you walk out of the airport, if you are not with family, and

take a walk for 1 km and then you can bargain with the cab services.

Take a cab for Rishikesh, not Dehradun.

We got a cab for ₹150 to Rishikesh highway and then we took a public tempo kind of vehicle

(Vikram) to our hotel for ₹200.






If you take a morning flight from Delhi, you’ll reach Rishikesh between 2pm-3pm. Have your lunch

and take some rest because rest is one of the most important parts of travelling. After resting, get

ready for Lakshman Jhula. Lakshman Jhula is basically a walk across an iron suspension bridge

on river Ganga.

You can also take a walk around a lot of ashrams and temples around the Jhula.

Similar to Goa, you can rent an Activa or a bike for the whole day in Rishikesh. The hotel staff will

help you with the references but most of the hotels have their own bikes or Activas which they

rent out. Same goes with the adventure package. The hotels will help you with all required

information pertaining to bungee jumping, river rafting, trekking or any other adventure sport that

you would have heard or read about while searching for Rishikesh over the internet. So stay calm

and fly high!

(River Rafting in Rishikesh)


(Neer Water Fall in Rishikesh – Don’t Miss It, Heavenly Location)


Once you are done with Rishikesh move on to Haridwar.





Haridwar is around 20-25 kms away from Rishikesh. It is up to you as to how do you wish to cover

the distance. On a bike, it will take approximately 1 hr to 1 hr 30 min. You can also take a bus, the

frequency of buses are every 10-15 minutes, fare is around ₹50-₹60. While travelling to Haridwar,

you can continue your stay at Rishikesh because you would not have much to do there.

As the name suggests (Haridwar – Hari ka Dwar), it is an ancient city of temples. So, if you are

with friends you can be back to Rishikesh by the end of the day. However, if you are accompanied

by your family, you can spend a couple of days at Haridwar.



Once you done with Haridwar you can head up to Mussoorie.






For Mussoorie, you will get buses till Dehradun, no matter whether you are traveling from

Haridwar or Rishikesh.

Dehradun to Mussoorie, by bus, will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. However, the road is

zig-zag and quite trippy. So, if you have motion sickness, grab the front seat with some candy and

don’t forget to enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains.

Mussoorie is famously known as the queens of hills. If you haven’t been to a hill station before, it’ll

be an amazing experience for you. However, if you a frequent traveler, most of the hill stations

are pretty much the same. But hey!!! If you choose to be here, you better have your own reasons



Book a hotel at the Mall Road or near Picture Plaza as this is the center point of Mussorie. If you

are planning a trip in the off-season, then don’t worry, you’ll get good deals on the spot.

We rented out the Royal Classic Hotel at the price of ₹1100/ day (OYO premium room rates are

around ₹2500). This hotel has an awesome view and friendly staff.



Now the thing that you need to take care of while checking-in is the floor construction of the hotel. Due to the inherent topography

of the region, sometimes the ground floor is as good as the top floor whereas the 1st floor or the

2nd floor is down the stairs. So if u think that the 4th floor is the top floor, you might end up being

surprised because it could be as good as the the ground floor without a proper view. This is

mostly because of the downward construction of the hotels here. May be, in the olden times, they

did not need a multi-story hotel. Hence,they might have kept the floors accordingly.

After checking-in and a quick freshen up, you can take a walk till the market. You can do your

shopping on day 1 at Mussoorie as its a small market on the Mall Road. If you have your own car

then you should know that you can’t enter the Mall Road because it has certain time limitations.

After a good walk, you can have a nice sumptuous meal and rest for the day.

For dinner, try “Chacha ka Restaurant“. It is cheap and the food is simply yummy. Other pure

vegetarian hotel is “Agarwal Hotel“, on the Mall Road. You can also try “Kalsang” where you get

Thai, Chinese and Italian dishes. The food here is really tasty with an awesome ambience. Even if

you want to try momos, soups or some noodles, Kalsang is a good choice because everything

tastes yummy here. The good part is that the food is not just finger-licking, the rates are cheap

and the quantity is good too. Bonn appetite!!!

Day 2 starts with a sun rise at the beautiful hills surrounded by a thick fog. Take a walk till the Mall

Road. For the selfie brigade and the DSLR enthusiast, there are loads of places to get that perfect

picture. If you are an eggetarian or non-vegetarian, you must try “Lovely Omelette Center“. By far,

the best omelette that you would have ever had. However, remember to place your whole order at

a time because once you place your order you can’t repeat or try something else. There is a

number system here and almost everyone wants a piece of the cake. Package the deal with a

garma-garam Chai and you will be witnessing the perfect ‘pahadi’ snack. Aaahhhh, time for a

hash-tag, #beautyinsmallthings.

After the ‘pet-pooja’, next stop for you is the taxi stand which is next to the bus stop where you’ll

get fixed rate cars for trips around the local area. No local taxi driver works individually because of

union restrains. Hence, you’ll get the rate chart at the counter where you can book your car for the

journey. If you are more than 4-5 people, then you will have to rent 2 cars because there is a huge

dearth of big cars like Innova. If you are 2-3 people, then you should wait and bundle up with

other tourists. Most of the taxi/cabs are Ambassador cars.

While choosing your package, we would suggest you not to choose a package with Dhanaulti

because there is practically nothing to see there. You will end up disappointed, wasting a lot of

time and money. It takes approximately 3-4 hours, to and fro Dhanaulti, which is so not worth the

effort. Rather than Dhanaulti, you can spend more time at the “Kempty Waterfall” which is indeed

an awesome place.


(Kempty Water Fall and Laal Tibba)


(Moon in Blue Sky at Mussorie and  Rope-Way till Gun Hill)




Places to Visit in Mussorie:


1) Kempty Fall – A huge waterfall with rope way/trolley and other water sports. If u choose stairs,

there are enough stops and points for you to click pictures and enjoy with friends. Also, there is

provision for food and shopping here (Entry Free).


2) Company Garden – It’s a small Botanical garden where you would get an artificial waterfall

kind of fountain. Some places for children’s enjoyment/play like horror house, some rides, etc. are

available here for entertainment and attraction of tourists (₹60 entry charges in Dec, 2016).


3) Buddha Temple – A Tibetan monastery, more like a Tibetan rehabilitation center which has a

small township with a Buddhist temple.


4) Mall Road – For shopping and enjoying the local taste of Mussorie.


5) Camel Back Road – As the name suggests, its a zig-zag road with ups and downs. You can

take a nice and cozy walk here. After all you are at a hill station, you deserve it!


6) Laal Tibba – A sight seeing point with a restaurant on the terrace. From the top, you can see

the Annapurna range of the Himalayas. They even have the provision of binoculars for a clear

view (₹20 charge). It is an ideal place to get clicked and click the beauty of nature.


7) Gun Hill – Gun Hill is another site to click pictures which also happens to be the top most point

of Mussorie. You can take a rope way/trolley ride till Gun Hill (₹100/person Up-Down in December 2016).


8) Jwala Devi Temple – Temple of Jwala Devi is an up-hill temple. There are stairs which will

take you to the temple. However, if you have elderly people who can’t climb stairs, either leave

them in the cab or skip this venue.


9) Kasmanda Palace – A royal property where you will find some historic things. They are open

for stays too.

Now, you can bid your adieus to Mussoorie and move on to Dehradun.






Again, you have two options from Mussorie to Dehradun. You can either share/book a cab till

Dehradun or take a bus to Dehradun (₹55/per person with seat number). The bus service from

Mussorie to Dehradun is in every half an hour, there is a break of 1 hour between 12pm to 2pm.

At Dehradun, you should definitely visit FRI (Forest Research Institute). It is a museum about

forest/wood/worms/insects/wooden history/science. It is a huge and attractive British building that

has a beautiful garden and towers, an ideal place for clicking pictures, roaming around and

chilling for a while.


The next spot to visit would be Sahastradhara. However, if you have

experienced the beauty of Kempty Falls then you’ll be a tad disappointed. Say, if Kempty Falls is

10 out of 10, then Sahastradhara is 3 out of 10. If you have enough time, you can also visit Butu.

Further, you can grab some stuff from the Tibetan Market on Pant Road which is near the Race

Course. Not that they have a unique collection or amazing rates because things that you get there

are easily available in any metro city market.


Once you are done with Dehradun, book a night train to Delhi. The best train that we found is

Train no – 14042, Mussorie Express – departure from Dehradun at 9:20pm (21:20) and New Delhi

arrival at 7:40am. Rates are ₹215 for sleeper and ₹580 for 3rd AC.


Definitely, there are trains for other locations as well. But since we started our journey from

Delhi/Mumbai so we thought of completing the circle.

Please feel free to contact us for any query or if you want an itinerary for your trip. We will plan

your travel and that will not be for earning money. Send us your approximate budget, number of

people traveling, trip duration/number of days and your convenient way of travel, i.e., airways or

railways. We’ll try to give you the best possible options for your trip.


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